• If you'd like the display to be placed in a certain area or NOT placed in a certain area, please let us know when confirming your rental.  Also, please make known any sprinkler,
    electrical, or underground fence lines that may hurt us or be damaged.

  • In addition to your yard art display, Yardigans places a small discreet business sign in the yard so that people know who to rent their display from.  We thank you for the
    opportunity to spread the word!

  • We ask that our displays and the Yardigans business sign not be moved for any reason.  If you'd like the display moved, please call and we will make arrangements.

  • It is important that children, aliens, tweens, teens, pets of small, large, or irregular size, and especially adults of all shapes, sizes and colors, not play with or around our displays.  

  • Yardigans is not responsible for any injuries incurred by anyone by any type of display during a rental period.  Yardigans will be sure that all yard art displays are appropriately secured
    in the ground and safe, however, they are not to be moved, touched, leaned on, etc. for any reason.  Although they are not to be treated as toys, we do encourage the taking of
    pictures - just please be careful!

  • If inclement weather occurs during your rental period, Yardigans (at our discretion) will come and inspect the security and safety of our displays.  Again, SAFETY FIRST!

  • Please do not mow grass, use a weed eater, or any yard chemicals around our displays.  We are a family-owned company and have invested our hard earned money and more in our
    product  - we do not want them accidentally damaged by flying objects, grass stains, etc.  Thanks for your understanding!

  • Rental costs must be paid if full before our displays are delivered and setup.

  • If Yardigans receives a returned check, a fee of $35.00 (in addition to the original fee not paid sufficiently) will be charged.  Immediate payment is required.

  • We respectfully have the right to decline setting up a display if we determine an area is unsafe for our yard art.  Should we find an area to be at risk, we will call.

  • Yardigans guarantees the yard of the flockee to be full of flamingos and visually shocking/surprising!  We guarantee a flock filled yard for great picture taking and fun conversation!

  • Yardigans does not support any malicious or mean display.  All sign messages are to remain as they were when delivered to a yard (custom messages are agreed upon before
    delivery).  If a message board is changed in any way to be crude or disrespectful, Yardigans reserves the right to remove the display immediately without notice or refund.  

  • If the flockee calls Yardigans and requests to know who flocked them, we will tell them unless we are specifically asked not to spoil an "unveiling" surprise.

  • Occasionally, a "victim" is truly not happy with the birds terrorizing their yard.  If we experience such a grouch who wants the birds removed, Yardigans will remove the birds
    immediately in a kind and respectful manner (without refund - see Refund Policies below).

  • Yardigans has the right (at our discretion) to charge $7.50 for each missing or damaged flamingo.  Charges will be made to the original credit card used.  Many people like to keep
    a flamingo or two for mementos - please know we sell novelty birds - check out our pricing page.  Thanks!

  • Flamingos will be picked up after 8:00 p.m. on the last of day of the rental period unless otherwise discussed and arranged.

  • We understand that one can not determine the exact time mom decides to deliver the baby.  We will do our best to get the stork prepared and setup in the yard before mom and
    dad come home from the hospital!  24 hours notice is not required, however, any "rush" requests may require an additional fee.

  • We are sensitive to unexpected extended hospital stays.  Depending on the availability of our storks, a prolonged rental period can be arranged at a discounted rate.

  • Storks and Pea Pods will be placed in an area of the yard where they have the most visual impact.  If you have a specific placement request, please let us know during our rental

  • After your rental expires, Keepsake Plaque(s) or Pea Pods will be placed in a bag near the front door or another safe conspicuous place.

  • Stork and Pea Pod displays will be picked up after 5:00 p.m. on the last day of the rental period unless otherwise discussed and arranged.

  • A full refund WILL be furnished should a rental be cancelled twenty-four (24) hours before a scheduled rental period begins.  The beginning time/date of a rental period will be
    discussed when your rental is ordered.  We also understand that "stuff happens" - depending on the timing and reasoning of the cancellation, Yardigans may grant a partial
    refund.  Remember, it's a lot of work to plan for your rental - please keep that in mind when your scheduling our services.

  • A full refund WILL be furnished should Yardigans, at our discretion, not set up a display due to inclement weather.  Please note that our definition of inclement weather does
    not include rain showers.  Inclement weather means severe conditions including high gusty (dangerous) winds, nor' easters, thunder and lighting, significant snow
    accumulations, any ice accumulations, etc.  (Note: A full refund or credit of that rental day/night can be provided or an extension of the rental period can be arranged depending
    on the availability and type of yard art).

  • A refund WILL NOT be furnished if Yardigans is furnished a wrong address or wrong delivery/display date.  All telephone rental orders will be throughly discussed and agreed
    upon.  Yardigans will provide a correct rental the first time - we want your respect and referrals of course!

  • A refund WILL NOT be furnished for incorrect personalization on any signs (including stork and pea pod keepsakes).  All telephone rental orders will be throughly discussed
    and agreed upon - especially when it comes to revealing to the world the name and precious details of your new family addition!

  • A refund WILL NOT be furnished if a person is simply not happy with their yard art display (specifically flamingos) and requests that the display be removed before the rental
    period has expired.

  • A refund WILL NOT be furnished if a homeowner catches us in the act of flocking.  We are experienced flamingo flockers - the chances of us being caught are slim to none.  

  • A refund WILL NOT be furnished if we are asked to cease our setup by a homeowner.

  • A refund WILL NOT be furnished if Yardigans has to remove a display due to custom signs (furnished with flamingo rentals) being altered to reflect rude, malicious, suggestive,
    and/or disrespectful messages.  Please play nice.

  • A refund WILL NOT be furnished if we are unable to access the property due to an incorrect security gate code provided, uncooperative security guards, or free-roaming dogs on
    the property that make us feel uncomfortable or threatened.  It is up to the rentee to inform security guards of our visit.  It is also important rentees make arrangements with
    noisy and/or dangerous dogs of any size, shape, color!  We'd hate to get caught in the act of flocking or worse - eaten.  We can handle hamsters, ferrets, and cats - no worries.