Have a Flamingo FUNdraiser!!

Pink Flamingo FUNdraisers are great for church youth groups, band boosters, cheerleaders, boy scouts, girl scouts, softball, football, soccer, volleyball, cross
country, swim, any other sports teams, or any group that would like to raise funds for a cause.

Earn over $800/week profit!!
How Does a Flamingo FUNdraiser Work?

There are several different ways to go about having a Flamingo FUNdraiser.  Below are some ideas along with the associated rental prices, policies, and
possible group earnings.  If you have a new and exciting method of how to perform your Flamingo FUNdraiser, give us a call - we're always open to new variations!
Method 1

The group advertises in a church flier, school newsletter, team email, or other means, that they will "flamingo" your yard for $2 a flamingo (minimum of 10
flamingos per yard for effect) or people can purchase premium "flock-me-not" insurance for $XX to keep the flock from landing in their lawn.  We recommend
advertising (well in advance), a "Flamingo Fright Week" or "Flamingo Week" so prospective targets can purchase their "flock-me-not" insurance and fowl loving
spirits can reserve their friendly flock visit.

Yardigans will rent the FUNdraising team 80 flamingos for $65 per day (minimum of 7 days).  Signs are not included.  The group has the fun and team building
experience of getting crafty and creating their own banners, fliers, and advertisements.  
The team has the potential to raise $95/night or $665/week!!  
This possibility does not include "flock-me-not" insurance funds!!  Imagine the prospect!!
(80 pieces of plastic livestock @ $2.00/bird = $160.00 profit - $65.00 Yardigans
nightly rental fee = $95.00 profit/night x 7 nights of victimizing = $665.00 profitability)

See below about renting additional birds and earning over
$800 profit in only a week!
Collect "flock-me-not" insurance and the fowl funding potential is even greater!
Overall, the FUNdraising group will have a blast sneaking around and setting up the displays early in the morning or late in the evening.  It's a great team building
exercise too!  These methods of FUNdraising can certainly create fun conversation on Sunday morning or at school and team functions.  It's also fun to create a
map to be posted at the church, school, or athletic association to track where the birds have flown!

Please remember SAFETY FIRST - ALWAYS!

It is recommended that curfews, boundaries, and safe behavior expectations are discussed with the group.  Clear "rules of the game" and what is and isn't
appropriate should be known to the group as a whole.  Adults or highly responsible individuals should accompany groups during all FUNdraising outings.

If there are teen drivers flocking, please discuss safe driving rules and expectations.  Mobile numbers of all drivers as well as mobile numbers of others in the vehicle
should be shared with the entire group.  Be sure all phones are well charged!  An area map and specific directions/routes to destinations would be a good idea too!  

Consider sharing profit funds for the cost of gas....and late night or morning snacks!
  • Flamingos must be reserved from Yardigans a month in advance.  There are exceptions so please don't hesitate to call and check their friendly flocking

  • Only Classic Pink Flamingos are available for FUNdraising rentals.

  • The FUNdraising group is responsible for any flamingos not returned or damaged (including loss of any flamingo legs) at $5.00/flamingo.  The fee will be
    charged to the original credit card billed after the flamingos are returned.

  • More than 80 flamingos are available upon request.  Rent 10 extra birds @ $1.50 each - earn $700 profit/week; Rent 20 extra birds @ $1.00 each - Earn
    $805 profit/week.  

  • A reasonable security deposit will be required at the beginning of a rental period.  

  • Yardigans does not and will not, under any circumstance, support a "mean" or malicious flocking.  All signs made by a group are to be appropriate and fun-
    loving.  Yardigans reserves the right to request that all flamingos be returned before the rental period ends (without refund of rental fees or deposit) if such
    an occurrence happens.

  • Yardigans is not responsible for any injuries incurred by anyone by a flamingo or flamingo appendage during a group's rental period.  Flamingo legs are
    removable and can be hazardous.  Yardigans will furnish safe carrying cases for the flamingo legs and flamingos themselves.

  • Children, tweens, teens, adults, human beings, aliens, pets of any size or color, and/or wild animals are not to play with or around our plastic livestock.  

  • If a group, at their "safety" discretion, decides not to flock during one of their rental nights due to inclement weather, a refund/credit of that rental night
    can be provided or an extension of the rental period can be arranged depending on availability of our plastic livestock.  Please note that our definition of
    inclement weather does not include rain showers.  Inclement weather means severe conditions including high gusty winds, nor' easters, thunder and lighting,
    snow and/or ice accumulations, etc.

  • Occasionally, a "victim" is truly not happy with the birds terrorizing their yard.  If a group experiences such a grouch who wants the birds removed, Yardigans
    asks that the group remove the birds immediately in a kind and respectful manner.

  • If Yardigans receives a returned check, a fee of $35.00 (in addition to the original fee not paid sufficiently) will be charged to the group.  Immediate
    payment is required.
Method 2

This method is similar to Method 1, however, it has some variations.  Offer the premium "flock-me-not" insurance but instead of accepting reservations for a
friendly flock visit....the flock has free flight to land in any yard that does not have insurance coverage.  Once the birds nest in a particular yard, the flockee has to
pay a "removal donation" to eradicate the plastic livestock.   

Here's another fun catch to this method.....for an additional fee (or not), flockees can choose the next "victim" to be flocked (granted they don't have insurance
coverage)!!  This method has the potential to
make the same funding potential as Method 1 plus some.  It's really up to the group how they set-up their
fees and technique.
Flamingo FUNdraising Guarantees/Policies/Recommendations
Pricing for a FUNdraiser is at the discretion of the group, depending upon the group's goals and what their "victims" think it's worth to pay for a flock reservation
or insurance.  A group may decide to treat each "mark" individually, asking them just what the clean-up (remember our birds are guaranteed to not leave
droppings), nature, and worthiness of the group's cause merits.  Allowing for FUNdraising donations instead of set fees can possibly increase a group's income.